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I’m now using Octopress to generate this web site, with rsync to deploy, and Disqus to handle comments. My first impression is that I’m impressed with how easily this went.

I’m running OS X and refuse to use MacPorts, so things are usually not very simple. This was incredibly easy. The documents were up to date and worked without fail. I encountered many problems with Jekyll and Nanoc due to package versions. The Octopress install uses the “bundle” command, which is dealing with all those ruby issues.

For example, the version of rake that I use is incompatible, so I use bundle to run a compatible version:

bundle exec rake new_post["Octopressive"]
vi source/_posts/2013-06-09-octopressive.markdown
bundle exec rake generate
bundle exec rake deploy

I added “—compress —recursive —checksum” to the Rakefile for the rsync. Otherwise, it seemed to be constantly copying everything everytime that I tried to deploy.

At some point, I may use the “git publish” approach for deploying. But, for now, rsync is plenty fast.

There’s a certain kruftiness in the old comments – they don’t exactly sync up with the new website, but I’m okay with that for the moment.

Thanks, Jim, for bringing this up last year.