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About Me, About This Site

It’s about the code. It’s always about the code.

I learned to program by typing in code from a magazine into a TRS-80 that was at my local Radio Shack store. Actually, that taught me more about debugging because many of the programs didn’t work as written. (Or maybe I just was a poor transcriber.)

Function by function, the program is built.

I still use programming as a way to relax.

The Site

The prior incarnation of this site used Octopress, BBEdit, and rsync to write, build, and publish the articles. The new version replaces Octopress with Hugo and BBEdit with Sublime.

I built a wrapper around the hugo command:

cd $SITES/ || exit 2
rm -rf public
hugo --config=config.toml --buildDrafts --verbose --watch server

I’m currently porting the Octopress theme to work with Hugo. I’m finding that the Go template language is easier/harder to work with than Ruby’s. It seems to depend on the particular task.